Cyclone and the ESP8266

Today I started trying to figure out WIFI on the Cyclone CoCo. I am using the newly updated version of Cyclone that supports FAT32 formatted SD cards. The first step is to extract the below two files to the root of your SD card as they contain the utilities necessary to run.

Next mount dos.dsk (DRIVE 0,”DOS”) and run WIFI.BAS and launch uterm from there. Then set your baud rate to 450 (<alt-o><m><b> and use arrow keys to select, <ESC> to get out of menu), which actually sets the baud rate to 115200.

Now you can try some commands. Remember that the coco does not use “\r\n” when you hit return so you will need to follow every command with <enter><ctrl-j>

The first command to try, to see if things are working is:


Which should respond with the message “OK”

Next use the command:


This will tell you the mode that the wifi module is in, mine was in mode 2 so it was acting as an AP so I needed to set it to be a client with this command:


Then you can list the available AP’s with this command:


To connect to an AP you can use this command:


Which gives this response if successful:



The next step I used was to test UDP send. I used the udp test tool from simple com tools on my PC as one endpoint binding it listen on port 6809 and then used these commands on the cyclone to send data (replace the IP with the IP of your client and the port with the appropriate port):



Then you can type 10 characters which will be send and should show up in the “recieved” window on your pc. After testing don’t forget to send this command to close the connection:


None of this is terribly useful at this point, but it is proof your ESP8266 is correctly connected to your Cyclone and can be operated. Eventually this should allow connecting to disks over the network.

Disk images needed: