I really enjoyed this slot machine implementation because to me it seemed like the scrolling text looked like slot machine wheels spinning. Text of program below and 82p files attached.


\COMMENT=Program file dated 01/20/80, 00:00

Power switch for CoCo 3

Last year I purchased a CoCo 3 and accessories and thrown in with the package were two other CoCo 3’s that were “not working”. One of them had a poorly seated GIME chip and the other had a really crusty …

Cyclone and the ESP8266

Today I started trying to figure out WIFI on the Cyclone CoCo. I am using the newly updated version of Cyclone that supports FAT32 formatted SD cards. The first step is to extract the below two files to the root …

CoCo on a chip

So that I don’t lose track of what I have done I am going to start posting the steps I’ve gone through to get my CoCo on a Chip working.

CoCo on a Chip is a re-implementation of the Tandy …